Saturday, December 28, 2013

[DiGi Thank You Sale!] Learning to Appreciate, be Thankful and Give Back

Living in this world has never been easy. It will be quite impossible to find someone who is in their university life or just about to begin their career saying that life is a piece of cake. To walk alone in this world is possible, but definitely harder than having someone to always be by your side or to watch your back. Before I begin to introduce the person that I'm most grateful in life, I would like to add that I am grateful for my family, "family", friends and strangers who have helped me throughout my life. Nevertheless, there is this one person in specific that I would like to highlight.

This woman's name is Carmen Siau, she is so far (hope forever) the love of my life. We clicked together during a university trip to the waterfalls of Gunung Gading in Sarawak. How we got together was quite a story. We started our trip in the bus sitting together and exchanging phones to listen to each others music. Technically, we hated each others music. She loved the slow, classical oldies as I love high paced pumping rock and electronic music. We would "argue" on which music is better and why. We then arrived at the mountain and we hiked up with another bunch of friends to one of the 7 waterfalls. We wanted to get to the top but we didnt have enough time as we had other places to go too. Nevertheless, throughout the trip, we couldnt stop talking about anything. In the bus on the way to the Sematan beach, on the way back, during dinner and after dinner and the whole trip, we just kept talking, and thats when we clicked. Ever since, we continued to hang out together and finally got together.

What's special about this girl is that shes as supporting as possible. Anything I want to do or anywhere we want to go, shes up for it. There is no day where we do not want to go somewhere new. I am actually from KL and shes from Sabah and we both study in UNIMAS in Sarawak. Being non-locals in Sarawak, we try to explore as much as we can before we graduate. Despite all the travel we put in mind, our grades are still well maintained as were both still in the Dean's list.

Besides being supportive, shes a giver. She offers me as much as possible to keep me well and happy. She has some motherly attributes I would say, maybe its because she's the oldest sibling in her family but she knows how to keep things in check. The best thing she has ever done to me was to create the best birthday surprise ever. I am considered a good birthday surprise planner especially with my "poker face" but this was one surprise which i didnt see coming at all. The best part was that she planned it with my family and they were there too, from KL, to surprise me alongside with another 30 of my friends in Alfresco. Oh by the way, that was also my 21st Birthday celebration.

Theres so much to say about her but it will take more than a blog post to explain deeply about her. So as a token of appreciation to her, through DiGi's Year End Sale which offers Free Smartphones and Tablets - only with a DiGi SmartPlan, I would want to try to be a lucky winner of the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 to give that smartphone as a gift to my loved one and replace that Samsung Galaxy Y that she is using currently.

It's sad because shes is having an awesome 2GB data plan by DiGi but her current phone does not utilize it enough. First of all, that phone has such a small screen which is so hard to browse social networks and the web. The performance of the phone is so bad that the battery runs out before you know it and the phone crashes while surfing because theres not enough memory. Therefore, I want to try to give her a great 2014 by her starting off with a new phone.

This sale, DiGi's Thank You Sale, however is the best ever, to give free smartphones by subscribing a DiGi SmartPlan, but she already has a DiGi number ever since she had a phone and already has a data plan. So I hope I really can get her a new phone.

Anyway here is a sneek preview of an awesome deal DiGi has to offer.

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belle said...

Hey... Carmen sounds like a really sweetheart... Congratulations on making dean's list both of you. Here is an article I wrote on the person I am most grateful for if you are interested to check it out...

belle said...

Hey... Carmen sounds like a really sweetheart... Congratulations on making dean's list both of you. Here is an article I wrote on the person I am most grateful for if you are interested to check it out...